The Kill Society

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                              The Kill Society

The Kill Society (commonly abbreviated as "TKS") is an American band based in Detroit, Michigan. Their style of music ranges from hard rock, to industrial rock, to metal. Throughout the years, TKS has undergone many changes in their lineup. The original lineup (when the band was formed in 2006) consisted of founding member, Tony "7Ven" Koenig on drums, co-founder Brandon Scott on lead vocals, Brendon "Gore" Trembath on guitar, and Spencer Dant on bass guitar. Since then, there have been over 10 musicians (mostly small name musicians) that have been welcomed into the band. However, the only remaining original member is 7Ven K. There are now 4 established members (including Koenig), however, the band is searching for a permanent lead guitarist at this time.

TKS is currently signed to Rain Sector records for their latest album "Falling Away" (not to be confused with their song with the same name).

 The former lineup of TKS can often be seen on their drummer's hit MTV series "Smashed", or in "Smashed: The Movie" and it's sequel "MTV's Book of Epic Failures".


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